Spirit of Tibet

Spirit of Tibet

A small session of about 10 - 15 minutes introduction to Tibetan Buddhist meditational technique will be given free of charge to anyone interestet to learn Tibetan Mediation.

"There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way"


Spirit of Tibet

is a small Tibetan Shop on the lake of Luzern in Weggis in central Switzerland. The shop is about 10 minutes walk from Weggis Boat Station and about 100 meters walking distance from the famouse Park Hotel. The shop offers all kinds of Tibetan hnadicraft products like Buddha statues, Thanka's,(Tibetan Religious Paintings), Prayer Flags, Incenses, Ritual Objects, Necklaces, Singing Bowls, Pashmina and many deffferent qualities of Shawls an Scarves and books in English and German on Healt, Buddhism, Meditation, Yoga, Taichi, Qiging. A small collection of finest books in English and German covering the most important subjects on Tibetan Buddhist Practices are also available in the Park Hotel Library The shop also provides a small meditation romm which is open to all customers and non customers during the shop opening hours.

Unsere Adresse

Spirit of Tibet

Seestrasse 58
6353 Weggis

Tel. +41 (0)79 772 36 26
Email: tibetinweggis@yahoo.com


Winter Opening Time

12:00 - 17:456 Uhr